Best Gluten Free Snacks

During a busy day, having a delicious gluten free snack to break up those hours can be an enjoyable (and sometimes) healthy way to spend a couple of moments.

It can also bring pleasure to the taste buds when you are having to eat on-the-go. Of course, flavor is a big part of snacking because nobody wants to eat something bland. 

Whilst juicy fruit and a curated vegetable snack is definitely up there as a great way to stave off hunger between meal times, finding that ultimate snack to devour, especially when intolerant to certain ingredients or on a special diet, can become a chore. 

So what’s the solution? Specially made gluten free snacks have expanded over the years due to people wanting to choose a healthier option, and for those who can’t eat gluten and need to find alternatives.

From big-named brands creating a gluten free version of a popular snack, to small companies specializing in dietary concerns - there are a lot of options out there. 

Because of the wide array of choices, and the confusion that can bring, we have selected some of the best for you to browse, no matter what kind of snack you’re feeling.

Best For Being Keto Friendly

A staple in everyone’s cupboard, cookies are an all-round favorite snack, especially with a glass of milk or coffee.

A good selection of gluten free versions can be difficult to find, often with a bad texture or lacking in flavor, but Highkey have a fine example of different tastes to choose from. 

With that in mind, it means being able to pick a different flavor each time, and it gives you the choice of mixing it up every day. The ‘snack packs’ help you not have to guess how much a serving is, giving you more time to just enjoy the experience of eating it. 

The only downside is the size. If you’re familiar with the Italian Amaretti biscuit, which is a small (but delicious) circle, then you’ll be more clued up on the size of this cookie.

That being said, it helps with portion control and gives the mouth a burst of flavor with each tiny bite. 


  • Low carb - Keto friendly
  • Soy free - Good for those with allergies
  • Low sugar - Under 1g of sugar per serving (6 cookies) mean a healthier sweet craving fix
  • In packets for ease - No mess when stored in a bag


  • Small - They are a two-biter at best, however, good for that quick craving

Best For Versatility

Just because it’s gluten free doesn’t mean it can’t be tasty, and that’s the case with chocolate topped rice cakes. The crunch of the ‘cake’ is made even better by the explosion of chocolate, helping to dampen down any sweet cravings you’re having. 

At 70 calories per rice cake and sugar free, those who are also looking for something less fattening, this could be a go-to for an afternoon pick-me-up at 3pm.

Plus, the versatility of the rice cake is what puts it above other gluten free snacks. Extra ingredients can be added, such as fruit or nut spreads, creating a healthier snack or breakfast. 

If you aren’t after chocolate, however, you won’t find that with Liebers rice cakes. Even so, it’s the chocolate that adds the extra sweetness that you wouldn’t otherwise get if it was a plain rice cake.


  • Dairy free - The dark chocolate is good for vegans 
  • Low calorie - At 70 per cake, it’s a low fat option 
  • Versatile - Can be added to meals 


  • No variation - Chocolate free is not an option 

Best For Tasting Like the Original

There’s plenty of food choices out there in the world that are packed with nostalgia, and once you can’t eat it anymore due to dietary requirements, all you are left with are the cravings.

Oreo cookies are just that, but luckily they have a gluten free version for those who want to taste them once again. 

Before you twist and lick, you need to know that the ‘Double Stuf’ cookies are jammed with x2 the amount of smooth creme inside, amping up the taste sensation. 

Reviews have stated that the gluten free version is no different from the full gluten original, with some even doing blind taste tests. Using real cocoa and a special blend of gluten free flour, they have been able to keep to its classic taste.

Get your glass of milk ready with this one, because it is sure to bring back some fond childhood memories. 


  • Great flavor - Tastes matches the original 
  • Resealable packaging - Keeps the cookies fresh 
  • 28 in a pack - Which is similar, again, to the full gluten option 


  • Moreish - You may eat more than you realize in one sitting - oops!

Best For Sharing

There are times when you’re probably after something salty, rather than sweet, and this is where chips come in.

They’re a versatile snack that can be part of a quick lunch or eaten as a mid-afternoon cravings cruncher - the latter being what many people do. 

PopCorners may be just what you’re looking for if salt is at the forefront of your snacking needs. A mix between popcorn and chips, the different texture is sure to rouse curiosity amongst chip and popcorn lovers alike.

With little ingredients which you can count on your hand and the promise of not being fried - ever - eating Popcorners gives you peace of mind that you’re not being too unhealthy. 

The share bag is also a great way to add food to the mix when socializing, such as putting it in a bowl for you and your friends to pick at. They can also be used as dippers with a great sauce during film night. 

Even though they are on the healthier end of the chips market, salt isn’t something you want to indulge in too often.

That being said, this snack can be enjoyed in moderation just like most things, so don’t let the fact it has salt included as a main ingredient put you off. 


  • Shareable - Packaged in a big bag 
  • Not fried - Making it a healthier option 
  • Low calorie - A single serving - not the whole bag - is around 130 calories 


  • No reseal option - You might struggle to keep them fresh 
  • Contains salt - Better to enjoy in moderation 

Best For Nostalgia

Gooey, chewy and oh, so delicious. Remember rice crispy squares? 

Pulling on the nostalgia strings again, the MadeGood Crispy Squares will have you going back for seconds because of the sweet, vanilla flavour and sticky texture. Made of brown rice, one bar contains the nutrients of one full serving of vegetables.

That’s a good excuse right there to pull one of these out mid-morning - just don’t forget to actually eat your vegetables that day, of course. 

Not just gluten free, it’s a great snack for vegans and those who suffer from a multitude of allergies, making this a snack available to the masses. The only thing to note is its sugar content, which may not be suitable for everyone. 


  • Vegan friendly - No dairy included 
  • Healthier choice - A snack with health benefits 
  • Allergy friendly - Eat with confidence 


  • Small sized - So it may not fill you up 
  • Higher sugar content - Isn’t recommended for low sugar diets 

Best For Allergies

Unlike the Highkey Lemon Tea Cookies, these are bigger and completely allergy free from gluten to nut intolerances, making it a highly accessible cookie. 

With its main focus as a kids school snack, they are also enjoyed by adults who want to eat a tasty cookie in the safe knowledge that it will not do them any harm. 

Having been founded by a mom and taste tested by her family, the cookies are sure to be a sweet craving buster, with its four flavors to choose from.

The only problem is the lack of cookies - only two per pack. Still, they are a decent size and are sure to keep you from needing another sweet hit until dinnertime. 


  • Allergy friendly - Safe in the knowledge you can eat it 
  • Four flavors - Variety to choose from 
  • Wrapped - Meaning they stay fresh in a lunchbox 
  • Good size - Feels like a typical cookie 


  • Two cookies - Some may find it a small snack 

Best For Gluten-Free Vegans

Cheese is a big deal. It’s delicious and moreish, so of course finding a cheesy snack will be at the top of your list - we don’t blame you. 

Focused more towards vegans, the ‘cheese-less thins’ are packed with flavor and only contain eight well known ingredients with no added nasties.

This makes it a healthier option - knowing exactly what is in each mouthful with no hidden surprises. In fact, it is made in a factory free from 14 of the most top food allergies, making it a safer choice. 

The little squares, which are packaged in a share bag, can also be added to salads and warm food, creating a burst of cheesy flavor.

The only thing to point out is nutritional yeast contains sulfur dioxide which may cause an allergic reaction in some people which was not stated. 


  • Labelled allergy free - A clearer, safer choice 
  • Shareable - Great with a group 
  • Versatile - Add to meals 


  • Nutritional yeast - May cause an allergy upset 

Best For A Sweet Fix

There are times when you just want something sweet and tasty, and that’s where a B’cuz S’more comes in. Not only is it proud to be woman owned, but the snack itself is a sugar hit dream. So much so, it can be hard to tell that it’s gluten free. 

As a bitesize snack, it is easy to eat on-the-go, making it a practical solution to a busy day. With only three ‘oat clusters’ per bag, they are easy to portion control. 

Even though it states itself as being healthy, it does have a good amount of sugar added, so will not be good for those who are looking to consume less sugar. 


  • Bitesize - Easy to consume on-the-go 
  • Three per bag - Keeps your portion intake under control 
  • Sweet fix - Healthier option for a sweet tooth 


  • Added sugar - Not good for those on low sugar 

Best To Team Up With a Coffee

During a coffee break, it’s easier to want to pick up a few cookies rather than find something that is still sweet, but healthier. Well then, it’s a good thing we have done the hard work for you. 

Using coconut cream instead of milk, the CocoRolls are a coffee lover's dream. Why? The tubular shaped treats have been made to stir into a coffee (or yoghurt) for a quick treat.

Made with very little ingredients, it’s a good choice if you’re looking for ‘cleaner’ snacks. 

Even though it’s sweet enough, the Cocorolls themselves aren’t as sweet as other snacks. Coconut cream is higher on the ingredients list, making this a less sweet alternative for those who don’t want a big sweet hit. 

These are best served with a drink, however, so if you’re looking for something standalone, these are not it. They have been specifically created to be dipped into liquid, otherwise they are quite dry. 


  • Cleaner ingredients - A healthier snack
  • Instant fix - Sweet enough to hit the spot
  • Dipping - Made to compliment a coffee


  • Not standalone - Best with a drink 
  • Looking for extra sweet? - These are not it!

Best For a ‘Meaty’ Snack

Sometimes a quick snack can be conscious about the planet too. Moku are all about saving the land, rather than destroying it, and so are the people who eat their products. 

If you’re after a healthier alternative to meat jerky, but still crave it, then this will do the job. It has less sugar and sodium, but includes more fibre which is beneficial for the digestive system. Also, it’s meat, gluten and soy free - handy! 

As with other shareable bags in this guide, there is no way to reseal after opening. A bag states it is one portion, but some people have noted that one bag is too much in one sitting. Still, there are no guidelines on how to store uneaten products.


  • Planet conscious - Doing good whilst snacking 
  • Healthier choice - Better for your body 
  • Meat alternative - A good option for meat free snacking 


  • No reseal - difficult to keep fresh once opened 
  • No storage options - Nothing stated on how to store

Buyer’s Guide

Looking for gluten free food is never a simple task, and it can even seem daunting, especially when there is so much to choose from. If that wasn’t difficult enough, some have been known to not live up to the expectations of full gluten free food.

From being too dry and crumbly to having a bland taste, gluten free food, in the past, has had a bad rep. 

These days it’s much easier to find foods that cater to intolerances and it tastes delicious - though the less than desirable is still out there. Whether you’re vegan, a fully fledged meat eater or just need some advice on finding the best gluten free snacks, we’ve got your back.

With a few key points to keep in mind, you’ll be able to invest in some tasty snacks that’ll keep your body healthy.

Gluten Free Snacks


As stated previously, taste hasn’t always been at the forefront for gluten free foods, but that has all changed. There are plenty of options for a well-rounded, delicious snack that will leave you feeling satisfied.

If a product has more than one flavor, do make sure to check that it is gluten free, because some are not. 

Healthy VS Unhealthy 

Just because something is gluten free doesn’t mean it is healthy. Keep this in mind when you’re searching for something on the healthier spectrum.

Take a look at things such as the sugar and salt content, and decide whether there is too much dependence on factors such as your own lifestyle and food habits.

Popular Snacks 

If you search for a favorite snack, you may be surprised that they also do a gluten free version, with many being just as good as the original. If this isn’t the case, there will be other alternatives - just try and find the one that tastes similar to the one you’re after. 

Naturally Gluten Free 

There are plenty of snacks that do not include gluten naturally. Rather than adding a gluten free flour alternative, for example, it may just be gluten free. Bear in mind that this type of snack may not be labelled as gluten free, so always check an ingredients list. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Gluten Free Food Tasteless? 

As more people turn to gluten free, whether by choice or a medical reason, the options for food intolerant snacks have gone up in standards. Gone are the days of dry and brittle cookies - the gluten free ready made snacks are anything but crumbly and tasteless. 

More than not, gluten free tastes and looks just like full gluten food. With the help of special flour, for example, companies are able to make food that resembles that of its fully gluten friend.

In fact, in most cases, when eaten side by side it can sometimes be difficult to know which one is which.

As with all foods, you can buy many different popular flavors, even if it’s a gluten free snack. So don’t be frightened to explore the gluten free snack world, there are so many options available.

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